Perfect Equipment

Everything for the wheel!

Founded in 1939, the Perfect Equipment wheel balance weight brand stands for quality and reliability. Known as the OEM wheel weight brand of choice in North America, Perfect Equipment delivers valuable insight into the latest design changes on domestic new vehicles. As a leader in the North American aftermarket, Perfect Equipment provides the market with options when it comes to materials, including zinc wheel weights, steel wheel weights and lead wheel weights. Regardless of your preference, we have a solution that is right for you. Perfect Equipment is a brand of WEGMANN automotive, the world’s number one manufacturer of wheel balance weights. Through our global network of manufacturing and distribution centers, WEGMANN automotive is able to deliver over 1-billion parts annually to customers around the globe. Founded on impeccable service and innovation, WEGMANN automotive is your “one-source” supplier.


Our goal is simple: deliver value

Perfect EQUIPMENT provides the wheel weight program that consists of original equipment approved products. With more cars and light trucks coming equipped with expensive alloy wheels, it is important to have the right products to properly service them. This means the right fit and the right coating. A customer’s ride is important. If the weights used to balance a customer’s car don’t fit, the customer will be back for a rebalance, costing time and money. Worst yet, the dissatisfied customer has someone else fix the problem and may never return again.