Challenger Lifts

For over 28 years, Challenger Lifts Inc has been in the car lifting marketplace specializing in the designing, manufacturing, and distributing superior car lifts, jacks, and auto lift accessories.

Challenger Lifts' innovative product design sets its products apart from the rest of the car lifts industry. Its unique product design continues to drive significant advancements like the exclusive Versymmetric® Technology, offering the industry's first front and rear 3-stage arm, two-post car lifts. Challenger car lifts feature in-ground equipment with some of the broadest drive-through capabilities and 4-post lifts with the highest rise in the industry.

Challenger Lifts Continues to Prosper

As a technology leader, it's no surprise Challenger Lifts continues to experience rapid growth and gain acceptance in every major automotive manufacturer's service repair programs. While Challenger Lifts provides quality, innovative Challenger lifts parts, its share in the automotive lift marketplace results mainly from its people and processes. Need other products or equipment? Check out our full line of car lifts and Challenger lift accessories at ProQuip.