Beissbarth GmbH manufactures modern test and service devices in the premium segment for car workshops and automobile manufacturers that meet the latest industry standards. These include products for wheel alignment and driver assistance adjustment, headlight testers, brake testers, lifting platforms and machines for tire service and diagnostics. The medium-sized workshop outfitter from Munich has over 120 years of experience in the manufacture of automotive service equipment. Beissbarth works closely with the leading automobile manufacturers (OE). Independent workshops (IAM), tire chains, fast fitters and authorized testing organizations also benefit from the experience as a long-standing OE supplier.

Whether combustion engine or electric - our drive means quality
The Beissbarth product portfolio for cars, trucks and motorcycles is characterized by product quality, measurement accuracy and an easy-to-understand user interface. This enables fast, highly precise measurement results and complete process control. Thanks to innovative software solutions that guide the user step by step through the measurement routines, the products can be used economically after just a short training period. The compact and ergonomic design of the products creates space-saving and health-friendly workplaces.

Competent, reliable and service-oriented
A worldwide network of authorized wholesalers and service providers, an extensive online software center and a Germany-wide factory customer service offer customers first-class and fast service. In our own Training Academy (TRAC) , customers are trained according to their individual requirements in order to use the products efficiently and effectively in the test procedures of their workshop operations.

Workbench meets database: workshop 4.0
The profitability of the workshop of the future, especially with regard to testing technology and diagnostics, will largely depend on connectivity. That's why Beissbarth uses technical interfaces to connect workshop management systems: This allows measurement results to be analyzed in real time and linked to customer data. The diagnostic modules from common manufacturers can also be combined with the measuring and testing techniques. Beissbarth technologies open up new possibilities for workshops and testing organizations worldwide to design work processes more professionally and optimally.

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